Bachelorette and Bachelor Boat Rentals

Bachelorette and Bachelor Boat Rentals for your last fling.   With more and more stag and hen parties coming to Playa del Carmen each year.   More options are been creating for boat rentals catering to these groups. 

Playa del Carmen competing with Las Vegas for Bachelorette and Bachelor Party destinations and with reason.  This place has a lot to offer for your celebration and expanding on options each year to cater to these party groups.  A great nightlife, bar crawls and even on boat shows and services for bachelor and bachelorette groups.   Some of the top boating options are

Up for a luxury yacht experience?  Enjoy a premium open bar and a great service to celebrate your bachelor or bachelorette party on a luxury yacht.

Lay down on the nets of a luxury catamaran, tan and wait for your margaritas to get serve.  

Fishing Charter for Bachelor Parties


Open up your beers and hook up your live bait to your hooks because it is going to be a great fishing day out in the deep-sea.  Get the boys ready to roll up the fishing rods

Booze Cruise and Non-Private Catamaran Tours To Isla Mujeres

Booze Cruise or Catamaran tour to Isla Mujeres to party with other people on board as you make your way to the Island.  With food and drinks included and nonprivate transportation.  An affordable option, especially for smaller groups.

Extra services on your boat rentals

Enjoy a 25 min male or female stripper show for the group on board of your yacht or boat rental.  What better way to spice up your boating experience.  Hired your relax massage spa for the girls on board to pamper your party more.  So with a 20 min massage for each member of your group depending on the size, you will definitely relax through your boating tour.  Also, add a Moet or champaign bottle to your celebration and toast to your happy moments in this last party of a single life. 

In Conclusion, Playa del Carmen has more to offer than las vegas for your bachelorette or bachelor party.  With the turquoise color ocean to enjoy a great a day out on a yacht, catamaran or boat.  Great snorkeling locations with so much to see and experience underwater or just jamming to your favorite tunes.