Cancun Party Boats

Cancun party boats are a great way to celebrate a bachelor or bachelorette party or just if you want a party on a boat.  A great way to get drunk on a boat, meet people and enjoy the music. 

Dancer Cruise Cancun

Cancun has different Party boats one of them is the “Dancer Cruise” offering different tours.  A sunset tour with open bar and music to enjoy all the activities on board.  A 7-hour tour to Isla Mujeres stopping at different spots to enjoy the water slide, trampoline and the lounge chairs that are on board of the boat 

 Isla Mujeres Dancer Cruise stops at different points. 

  1. First stop is at Reef of el Meco, where you can snorkel and enjoy great sea life.  For those who do not want to do that activity can enjoy some dancing classes on board as others do their snorkeling.
  2. Second stop will be to set up the trampoline and the slide to jump into the ocean.  Sliding into the water or jumping into the water to come up after onboard to a delicious food meal 
  3. Third stop will be at Isla Mujeres by the north side of the island where you can enjoy the beach or rent a golf cart to go around the island.  With 2 hours to explore the island if you decide to rent a golf cart, note you need a driver’s license.

This tour also includes:

  • Soft breakfast with coffee, juice, fresh fruits and bread
  • Lunch fish ceviche, fajitas arrachera, and chicken, rice salad, guacamole and totopos 
  • National open bar 
  • Snorkeling equipment 
  • 1 hour guided golf cart tour of Isla Mujeres only on the all-inclusive tour


  • This tour only operates 2-3 times per week so consult with us 
  • Bring towels
  • Activities like the trampoline and slide only take place if weather permits it 
  • Show up early since check in is done at 9 am in Cancun

Not included:

  • Gratuity 
  • Transportation 
  • Marine Taxes

13 + 3 =

Party Boat Cancun 7-hour tour to Isla Mujeres on a Catamaran 

Different catamaran party boats in Cancun going at once to Isla Mujeres on this tour, all-inclusive except the golf carts to explore the island.  If you want to explore the island you have one hour to do so.  A piece of advice will be to explore only half of the island to return on time since the boat will have to leave without you if you are not back on time. 

Regular or Party catamaran boat tour


  • nonprivate round trip transportation
  • open bar
  • snorkel
  • marine taxes
  • music
  • food buffet in the Isla Mujeres
  • a bit of time to explore the ilsand

Platinum tour Cancun on Catamaran 


  • non private round trip transportation
  • open bar
  • snorkel
  • marine taxes
  • music
  • food buffet in the Isla Mujeres
  • a bit of time to explore the island

On the platinum tour, it includes a bigger and newer catamaran boat with fewer people on board.  With a better service to enjoy the trip.


Party Boat vs Private Boat Rental Cancun

The difference between a private boat or yacht rental in Cancun is the obvious reason.  One is private for you and your group and the other is with people you may or may not know.  If you like to meet new people or simply want to be in a party environment on a boat, your party boat Cancun options are for you. 

Even though in Playa del Carmen, there is no party boat tours and only offers private boat rentalsTransportation from Playa del Carmen can be arranged to bring you on these wild tours.