Cancun Yacht Rental

Cancun Yacht Rental options leaving from the marine ports in Cancun.  Most of the yachts in Cancun do not include all you can drink or food.  They might include a few snacks and a 12 pack or 24 pack of beer.  For all-inclusive options contact us so we can send you the best options for you.  

Boat Rental Cancun

Renting a boat in Cancun is a must, with all different things to explore on a boat, from the underwater museum to whale shark watch close to Holbox.  If you are in the area this is one of the must things to do especially during whale shark season.  An amazing sea creature that even though it is very intimidating by its size but as friendly and relax as a kid.  

Check out some of our yacht options in Cancun

9 + 2 =

Our Sea Ray for up to 22 people which is a 55-foot long yacht.  Ready to take you and your group to Ilsa Mujeres or Holbox for a great.  

This 40-foot Sea Ray Flybridge Yacht with two levels for all of your needs.   The front with a large seating space to cruise around and get tan or just relax.   Also, a second level that overseas out to the ocean in front of you.

A beautiful Portofino of 48 footer ready to take up to 16 people max on a journey full of adventure and discovery.  

Sunset, Nonprivate and Private Tours

Let us know the details of your group to send you a quote on the best suitable options for you.   Whether a luxury yacht or a catamaran we a send you availability and prices.  

None Private Tour  to Isla Mujeres 

Enjoy a 7-hour tour to Isla Mujeres in one of our catamarans.  All you can drink, food buffet in Isla Mujeres and your transportation included as well. 

Private Yacht and Boat Rental

Do you want to go on to Isla Mujeres in a private catamaran or private luxury yacht?  Enjoy a day out on board of your own boat with your friends or family.   

Whale Shark Watch Tour Holbox

Just an amazing experience to go on a snorkeling tour with whale sharks Cancun and to see this great creature the whale shark.   Swimming and snorkeling next to them, it is a natural wonder never to be forgotten.  

Sunset Tour Cancun

Enjoy a romantic, relaxing or just wonderful trip watching the sun go down. Doing a toast or drinking a cocktail as the sun goes down on the back of Cancun and its rays reflect on the ocean and pink sky.  

Cancun Party Boats

The only boat parties in Cancun are a large boat call Dancer Boat with water slides and activities onboard and the booze cruises going to Isla Mujeres with music and open bar.  Both of them are a great choice for any group or person that wants to party or meet other people.  


Dancer  Cruise Cancun

With slides, Lounge chairs and trampoline for a good time.   This little island of a party boat Cancun called “Dancer Cruise” includes all of you drinking, a short breakfast and complete launch on the 7-hour tour to Isla Mujeres.  Also available for a sunset nonprivate party tour with all you can drink 

Isla Mujeres Booze Cruise

With over 14 catamarans going out at once to Isla Mujeres with all you drink.   Food buffet for lunch in Isla Mujeres and Music all the way there with three different options to choose from.  A regular and relax tour to Isla Mujeres, a party catamaran with more activities there and also a platinum option.  The platinum catamran option is a bit more expensive but on a bigger catamaran with fewer people on board and better service.