Catamaran Cancun

Catamaran Cancun is another great option for boat rentals Cancun.   Also, there are different types of private catamarans that can take you on a sail adventure to Isla Mujeres or Whale Shark watching.  Going from luxury yachts in Cancun Mexico to luxury catamarans and or regular boats to cover all areas and needs.    

Catamaran Isla Mujeres

A great way to explore Cancun and Isla Mujeres is on a private catamaran.  Making a few stops along the way to do snorkeling like the underwater museum.  Where you can see different statues underwater and colorful fish swimming next to them.  Also, another option is a reef close to Cancun with different sea life and coral.   

Isla Mujeres Snorkeling Tour

These private catamarans also have all-inclusive packages.  Open bar, nonprivate transportation, food buffet in Isla Mujeres, Marine taxes.  Even a bit of time to explore the Island with the option of renting a golf cart to go around it.   Also, there is an activity included that is never mentioned since it depends on the wind.  It is called spinnaker, an activity similar to parasailing, but less height on it and the boat does not move.  It is the wind that elevates the shoot.    Overall this snorkeling tour Isla Mujeres and Catamaran trip, it is a great way to enjoy yourself with friends and family.

Catamaran and Boat Rentals Cancun

You can not go wrong in renting a yacht in Cancun if you are in the area or are coming here.  Aside from the nightlife and the beach life, boats and sailing are some of the best things to do here.   Are you ready to jump on a luxury yacht, fishing boat or a catamaran?  Let us know a few details about your group and we can send you the different options available for you in Cancun.

Cancun Mexico Boat rental

Mexico has different destinations and options for boat rentals.  Usually every beach destinations like Los Cabos, Vallarta, and Puerto Escondido.  Even though sailing Los Cabos on a whale watch adventure is a majestic experience.  Cancun does not fall behind with its Whale  Shark watch in Holbox, snorkeling and swimming next to this non-threatening creature is also amazing.   

Holbox and Cancun whale shark tours

Jump on Cancun boat rental during whale shark season and make sure you don’t miss out on this great phenomenon.  This gentle and harmless creature swims the waters of Holbox island and Cancun during their season, from the middle of May to the Middle of September when the temperature is just right for them.  With a nonprivate tour, you may enjoy a light lunch, some drinks, the gear, and tour guide.  On the other hand on a private boat rental Cancun tour, you can also bring your own food and drinks of your choice.  

Cancun Catamaran and Yacht Marinas

With over 10 marinas in Cancun for catamaran and boat rentals, it is hard not to get lost.  Most of these marinas are the home to the different yacht and boat rentals