Luxury Yacht Rental Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Luxury Yacht and Boat Rental for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties to say goodbye to your single life with style.  If you were wondering where to go and what to do for your last fling then think no more.  Playa del Carmen has different boat hiring options to satisfy your last bachelor and bachelorette party needs.  Luxury Yachts, Catamarans, and even Fishing Boats to ensure an overall boating experience. 


Why Celebrate your bachelor and bachelorette party in one luxury yacht rentals in Playa del Carmen?

Because you only get to celebrate your party once! So, why not make it count on a boat or yacht in the Riviera Maya.  There is something for the boys and something for the girls on board of a boat.

A Bachelorette boat tour rental in Playa del Carmen to take you on a journey of relaxing, partying, jamming and drinking.  If you want a relaxing time with the girls with cocktails and good music on a luxury boat.  Also, you can enjoy a hard party adventure on board, we can arrange either-or.  Open up a bottle of champaign and toast your single life away with your best friends while cruising the Riviera Maya coastline.  Also, you can spice up your boat tour with a male dancer show on board to make the trip even a bit more naughty.


Catamaran Playa del Carmen Rental for Bachelorette Parties.

Catamaran rental in Playa del Carmen for those sailing lovers who want to enjoy the laying on the nets or the luxury of a catamaran.  Girls! so just come on board and lay down on the nets of a catamaran as you get your Pina Coladas served.  It is like been on a hammock feeling the breeze of the ocean and pampered by the crew with drinks, food, and jams.  Visiting some of the best snorkeling spots and enjoying a catamaran tour in Playa del Carmen with your girlfriends is truly priceless


 Luxury Yacht and Boat Rental Bachelor and Bachelorette

A great idea for the boys is a Bachelor party boat rental to enjoy your tequila shots, beers, and whiskey with a style.  Thinking of what you can do on a yacht in Playa del Carmen?   Enjoy a stripper show onboard, a drinking and partying day with the boys or just relax and listen to your favorite music.  Whatever it is that you like, you can do it on a yacht even better.  How about a fishing day for guy friends?


Bachelor fishing charter rental day.

Open your beers and prepare the live bait on the fishing rods to get going on a deep-sea fishing trip.  Troll the way into the open sea and go after the best catch of the day, like a White Marlin.  Prepare your fresh ceviche out of the catch you bring back.  What better way to feel like a man?   The nature of fishing and eating your catch and sharing this moment with your boys.


Whatever is your type of partying or your idea for a bachelorette and bachelor boat trip you will find it here.  Among the top things to do in Playa del Carmen in general and for your group.  The option of a boat or yacht rental is on the top of the list and can bring what you need on your last fling before the ring party.

As long as you keep in mind the recommended tips when hiring a boat, you will have a blast and make memories for a lifetime.  Through these tips, you will be stress-free, safe and have lots of fun on your bachelor and/or bachelorette yacht and boat hire.