Top Beach Clubs in Playa del Carmen

The top beach clubs to hang out at in Playa del Carmen for an amazing day out on the each for drinks and music. 

  1. Coralina day club
  2. Mamitas 
  3. Canival Royal
  4. Zenzi beach club
  5. Cool beach club
  6. Indigo 

#1 Coralina Beach Club

Coralina day club and beach club, taking after las vegas beach clubs with DJ and a high-end atmosphere.  Shows and go-go girls setting up a day club vibe.  Some luxury yachts anchor in front of this beach club to enjoy a swim and jump into the water while checking out the party in the scene.


#2 Mamitas Beach Club

One of the oldest party beach club in Playa del Carmen with more of an electronic music party.  Cabanas waiting for you with minimum consumption for bottle service.  Right on the beach overlooking the boat rentals that anchor close to this beach club. 


#3 Canibal Royal Beach Club

This beach club located north from Playa del Carmen and known for its first-class food.  Amazing cuisine and a great recommendation on the octopus.  Also with a live DJ with great electronic remixes to enjoy a day out on the beds.  Just a great vibe to come relax or party with your friends.  Usually, they hold events with famous Dj from around the world creating a great vibe and atmosphere. 

#4 Zenzi Beach Club

A great place for lunch with live music usually and great options for cocktails.   This is also one of the only night beach clubs open with live music to enjoy a romantic night out or just a party scene.  Live music from Salsa, Rock and even some Jazz.  This venue is one of the best in creating a night atmosphere on the beach for everyone.  

Sometimes with a live Dj during the day to top music selection to live music at night.  This beach club also offers a Sunday BBQ  with all you can eat and a great evening.  It is one of those places you could stay at day and night and live a great beach lifestyle.

#5 Kool Beach Club

With bottle service beds around the pool to enjoy a swim as you party.   Usually with live electronic music DJ influencing the vibe in the venue.   This beach club usually hosts big events like the BPM and different big DJs. 

#6 Indigo Beach Club

A great and more low key beach club that makes up for an amazing breakfast.  Waking up to a breakfast on the beach and enjoying the breeze coming in.   Also with some evening, live music shows for creating a low key and relaxing evening.

If you are staying at resorts away from central Playa del Carmen you might have to take private transportation into Playa del Carmen top beach clubs. Also these beach clubs are a great option for different celebrations.

Do you have a Bachelorette or Bachelor Party?

Do you have a Birthday?

Get a bottle service and a table to celebrate in one of these great venues.