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One of the most popular things to do in Tulum is a boat tour, to enjoy different scenery than from land.  Renting a yacht or a boat or simply taking a nonprivate boat tour. This will not only the chance to snorkel in its beautiful reefs but also a perspective and view of the Mayan ruins from the ocean.  Imagine a sunset behind the these ruins that once served the Mayans to communicate and cross to Cozumel.

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Tulum is the gem of Mexico’s Riviera Maya. This peaceful little village of the Mayan Riviera is one of a kind place to explore. It’s endless beach clubs, great atmosphere, historic ruins, azure blue Caribbean coastline, and mouth-watering cuisine makes it unique among other sites around the world. Hop aboard with us, and once you are there, absorb coastal vistas as you sail by Catamaran Tours and spend the time all day exploring the Tulum island with your guide for insight into its history.  

What do Tulum boat tours offer?

The boat offers a lot of fun, excitement, and mesmerizing experience as you venture along the coast of Tulum, Mexico. As you wander around, you can do plenty of things, such as doing underwater photographs or taking videos. Spend your day like no other here in Tulum, Mexico, and don’t forget that “ today is your day.” Catamaran Rentals offers an affordable yet luxurious experience with your group of friends, your family, or your loved ones. 

What to Expect?

Boat tour Itinerary: Stop at Tulum, Mexico

With Tulum Catamaran Tours  and Playa del Carmen, your trip would be a memorable one. You’ll surely enjoy the scenic view and relax under palm trees that surround you. Surprise yourself with the different creatures of the sea and sprinkle fish food to the water to see the colorful fishes. Discover the history of this island and learn about their culture and lifestyle. The enlisted below are the best things to do when you plan your vacation here in Tulum, Mexico.

  • Snorkeling– One of the most entertaining activities that you can do while on the sea is to do snorkeling. It allows you to see the spectacular glimpse of undersea and feel the ambiance of the water.
  • Tulum Ruins– Don’t miss the famous Tulum Ruins. Take a stop at the magnificent Mayan Ruins and wander around the fantastic archeological site overlooking on the cliff by the Caribbean Sea. 
  • Scuba Diving– Is it your first time to do scuba diving? Then it’s great. Whether you are a novice or an expert on this, have time to experienced scuba diving and visit the excellent diving site here in Tulum. It can also be the best way to explore the fantastic underwater world wherein you can get close to the wonders and the secrets of this marine universe.
  • Get into the Hippie Vibe– As they say, Tulum is one of a kind place wherein there is a combination of the Mayan spiritual side, the serenity vibes, and of course, the natural beauty of the island. It can be a great place to venture yourself into something new. If you are curious about it, you can try meditation activities, wedding ceremonies, or a campfire vacation with friends.


Still not sure where to go on a boat?

Tulum Catamaran Tours features everything to match all your vacation needs. We also offer different yachts and boats for your next adventure. We understand your needs, that is why we know our services meet your expectations. Reach us out and let us find the right Tulum Catamaran Tours for your next vacation. Book with us now!

Tulum Catamaran

Offering you an extraordinary sailing experience through the coastline of the Tulum beach area.  A beautiful sunset, setting behind the Mayan ruins.  All-inclusive tour with drinks, food and your choice of music on a private catamaran to enjoy a day out on the ocean.  Whether a boat option in Playa del Carmen or Tulum boat tours, you can be taken to the coastline of Tulum.